Impact of Online Reputation Management

Social media, product reviews, business review sites, and forums are all ways in which people spread information and opinions about businesses online. Smart business owners do their best to manage the resulting reputation. After all, there are serious consequences for businesses that ignore their offline and online reputation.


Are you aware of all the different sites that collect customer impressions of businesses? Not only are there well-established review websites specific to each industry, but there are also forum comments in all kinds of professional and hobby specialties that might interface with your business. All of these contribute to a your online reputation. In addition to the thousands of review sites and forums, there are the websites and social media pages that people create when they feel strongly about something, particularly when their feelings are negative.

Customers’ impressions of your business not only determine whether they will buy from you, but they can also discourage others from buying, as well. They can also influence potential investors, causing you to lose income. A bad reputation could also drive away quality employees. After all, who would want to support a business that has a poor online reputation?

Even though there are potentially thousands of places for bad reviews to pop up, there are steps you can take to manage and improve your online reputation. You have just taken the first step: you are aware of the importance of your online reputation.