Success Story: Home Based Pet Grooming Business

Success Story: Home Based Pet Grooming Business

Lady carrying a dog

I opened my pet grooming business 2 years ago and had no idea what I was doing. I assumed that by simply posting an ad on the papers and promoting online, I would receive a lot of clients. I lived in a very pet-friendly neighborhood, almost every home had a pet. I thought that was enough.

On my first month, only my next door neighbor came to my home. I started wondering why people would rather bring their pets to a grooming place an hour away. I started doing research on the pet business and what I learned would change my business forever.

Pet owners treat their pets like family. When I need a doctor for my child, I ask family members for recommendation and start searching them online. I try to get as much information as I can before bringing my child to see said doctor. It’s the same in this business. Pet owners will go through hours of research to check grooming services, rates and read through reviews.

As a startup, I didn’t have any reviews. My ad was posted on my personal social media accounts and even that wasn’t enough to show I was trustworthy to care for their pets.

I started ramping my online reputation up. I created a separate account for the business. I invited friends and family to bring their pets in for free services and I would document the pets with myself. I ask family and friends to give a review for my services if they were happy about it. It was slow at first but after 6 months, business started to pick up. I started setting appointments and there are even some days when I have to refuse accepting more clients.

Proper online reputation management helped boost my business. I had to build my individual reputation as well. I had to show people I loved working with pets and that I can be trusted with theirs.

Managing your online reputation is very easy once you learn what your business needs. Aside from the actual work with the pets, online reputation management comes only second from the tedious clean up at the end of each day. I let clients wait in my living room which I converted as a reception area. Yes, pets run around my home, up and down, so for those wondering, I found the best vacuum cleaner for stairs. I needed the toughest cleaning machine, you can read through reviews here or visit Pet Allergy Vacuum Guide for more updates.